Cnoc na dTobair

headers_cnocCnoc na dTobair has a strong resonance, physically and personally for the people of Cahersiveen. Canon Timothy Brosnan was the one who sensed its possibility as place of pilgrimage. We continue to honour the traditional pilgrim walk to St.Fursey’s Well and Cnoc na dTobair. These places of pilgrimage might seem to many to belong to the past however, so many who come to visit desire to understand the personal and spiritual influences that shaped their forebears.


The Crosses along the pilgrim’s route up the hill, were built and placed there under the direction of Canon Brosnan.

Once a year there is a special Pilgrimage. It consists of praying the 14 Stations of the Cross as you climb finishing with Mass at the summit. Although the Pilgrimage is usually on a Sunday in the middle of May,  the date every year is subject to change because of the weather. It will be rescheduled to the following Sunday if it is known that it will be windy or very rainy.

The schedule is:

12:00 Assemble at the foot of the mountain.

15:00 Mass at the summit

17:30 Estimated time to return to the foot of the mountain.

Guidelines for following the annual Pilgrim’s Path on Cnoc na dTobar.

  • Wear suitable clothing – it will be quite cold at the summit
  • Bring a strong stick and wear strong boots
  • Bring some food and drinks in a rucksack. Keep your hands free for supporting yourself on the climb
  • Stay with your group and do not wander from the route
  • Do not litter the mountainside. Take your rubbish home with you. Respect nature at all times.
  • Value your safety. Be especially careful on your descent
  • You climb at your own risk but there are stewards to help on the special Day of Pilgrimage
  • Enjoy the day