Deepening My Faith

Deepening My Faith

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We all need to find and explore ways of deepening our faith. We do this by our focus on prayer, on the Mass and on good Chrstian living. there are times though when we need to push ourselves a little and explore new ways. We hope that the following will be of help to you.

Creating time for prayer is crucial for us as Christians. Since you’re on the web, you might like an online prayer guide. allow yourself 2 minutes and click on for reflection and prayer.

Prayer involves our communication with God, and being open to hearing God’s Word to us. We can pray with our own words, but praying familiar prayers can be a great help also – sometimes a traditional prayer can almost speak our concerns better than we can. For a lovely collection of Catholic prayers like the Angelus, Rosary, Memorare, family prayers etc, just click on .

God’s Word comes to us most powerfully through the Bible. In it we receive the Gospel stories of Jesus, the 10 Commandments and the accounts of the Old Testament characters like Moses and Jesemiah. To explore some of the Bible yourself just click on or for the Bible Readings for Sunday and weekday Masses, just go to .

God’s whisper can come to us in different ways, and over time it can seem like we are being invited along a particular way of life. In the past, ‘Vocation’ mainly referred to priesthood or religious life. This is an amazing calling, but each of us have a vocation, a calling to holiness in our following of Jesus. To reflect more on your own calling, check our . May you always hear God’s whisper to you.

The challenge of living our vocational calling to holiness reminds us of those who did it before us – the ordinary people who lived their lives extraordinarily close to Christ, whom we call Saints. Their lives can be a point of reflection for us, and their writings or words can inspire us to answer the ‘Follow Me’ invitation of Jesus. To find out more about the Saints simply go to and prepare to hear some amazing stories of faith, withness and courage.

So often we think of ‘The Church’ being in our own diocese, and it certainy is. But we are members of the worldwide Catholic Church, and it’s good to be aware of what is affecting Catholics elsewhere. For Church/Faith related news stories from around the diocese, around our country and around the world, go to for more.

When we reflect on world issues and become aware on how others live, we can be struck by the blessings we experience and the challenges other face. As Christians we are reminded of the words of Jesus: “just as you did to the least of these, you did it to me”. For ways of reaching out to communities living in disaster, go to and see how your gift can mean the world to others.