Weddings, Baptisms

Weddings and Baptisms

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We congratulate you on your engagement and we wish you calm and happiness
over this time of planning for your most special day.

For those married in the Catholic Church we believe that Marriage is a
sacrament, with the love of the husband and wife mirroring the love that God has
for us, his people. We pray that God will journey with you and that God’s blessing
will being you to old age together in company with your children.

To book any of the Churches for your wedding, please contact the Parish Office
on Mon – Fri 10am to 2pm to determine the availability of your date.

Some things to attend to:

  • At least three months notice to the Church (Contact the Parish Office)
  • At least three months notice to the State’s Civil Registrar (phone 066-9472100)
  • Attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course (Contact Accord Killarney on 064-32644. Book well in advance due to limited availability)
  • Complete Pre-Marriage Papers in the parish where each of you are living (2-3 months in advance)
  • Prepare the Wedding Mass/Service with Music, readings, prayers, flowers etc ( is helpful for this). Talk to the priest officiating at your wedding for ideas on these.


Congratulations on the birth of your child. we wish you and your family every
blessing over many years ahead.

To be baptised is to become a Christian. At the heart of baptism is the initiation into the community of the Catholic Church. At baptism we receive the graces needed to live the responsibilities of that close commitment to God. Every baptism also provides the opportunity for each of us already baptised to reflect on our living of our baptismal calling to follow Jesus in prayer and in action.

Parents, as the first teachers of the faith to the child, give the most important Christian example to their child. They do this by daily family prayer, weekly Mass with the parish community, and good living of the Christian values of truth, justice, forgiveness, peace and love.

Godparents are to assist the parents in this role and are to be Christian guides and mentors to the child as they grow up. To be an authentic support a godparent is to have a good understanding of their role and of their own faith. They are to be at least 16 yrs old, be baptised and confirmed in the Catholic Church, and be practicing their own faith regularly in daily prayer, in weekly Mass, and in good Christian living. Every person being baptised is to have one godparent, but they can have two, one male and one female.

Baptisms in our parish happen at the following times:

  • Sat 6pm and Sun after 12 noon Mass in O’Connell Memorial Church
  • Sun after 10 am Mass in Aghatubrid on alternate Sundays
  • Sun after 10 am Mass in Foilmore on alternate Sundays

Some things to attend to:

  • Contact the Parish Office to book a time
  • Choose Godparents
  • A Baptismal Candle, which signifies Christ being the Light of the child. This candle will be used again at the celebrations of First Penance, First Eucharist,and Confirmation.
  • A White Robe or Shawl. This signifies the new fresh start for the newly baptised person.